Terreno Vila Cova do Alva Arganil, UDF De Vila Cova De Alva E Anseriz
Ref. SHJP201 Venda 55.000 €
34210.0 m²
34210 m²

Land measuring approximately 3.5 hectares (land area of 34,210 m2), with views over Vila Cova do Alva and the entire Alva river valley. Forested with 150 olive trees, 100 oaks, 20 cedars, 20 lime trees, 10 chestnut trees. It has a storage room. It has several accesses to the N342 road. According to Arganil's PDM, the land is located on rural land, forestry and agricultural production space, where the construction of single-family housing with a maximum number of 2 floors above the threshold level and a maximum total construction area of 300 m2 is permitted. . Located in the parish of VIla Cova do Alva, 3 minutes from the headquarters, 7 minutes from Coja, 20 minutes from Arganil and Tábua, 1h00 from Coimbra; 2h00 from Porto airport. Excluded from the SCE, under paragraph f), of article 4, of Decree-Law No. 118/2013 of 20 August.

Tipo de terreno Rústico
Área total de terreno 34210 m²
Área edificável 300 m²
Preço m² 1.6€
Orientação solar Poente, Norte, Nascente, Sul
Infra-estruturas Vista Serra, Vista Campo, Vista Rio
Divisões Anexo / Terreno: 34210.0m²

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